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Reasons for Bad Breath

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Bad breath is primarily caused by poor oral hygiene – that is, not flossing daily and brushing at least twice per day. It can also be caused by underlying conditions, such as gum disease and even diabetes can also be caused, malnutrition, or cancer to name a few. Many people are shocked that they have bad breath the reason is they brush after every meal. One can get rid of that after getting good dental cleaning services from the dentist.


  • Dr. Couch--you provided some great examples of what can cause bad breath--and good reasons to visit a dentist.

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  • How can I tell if I have bad breath?
    Having bad breath can be embarrassing, and there are some small signs which can indicate if you are a victim of this.

    **What else causes bad breath?
    Bad breath can be caused by some underlying medical problems. ‘Dry mouth’ (xerostomia) is a condition which means your mouth produces less saliva.

    Here many reasons causes bad breath
    . Smoking cause bad breath
    . Some medical conditions cause bad breath

    We can prevent bad breath..
    .Mouthwash help
    . Using dentures

    And get more information about bad breath to go to our website

  • Hi Dr,
    Thanks For You valuable info but I want to know about is it okay to the dentist every month?


  • It depends on the age factor also. Normally young people have bad breath due to poor oral hygiene. Proper brushing (twice a day), flossing and more. aged people have bad breath which is natural for them but they can be solved by consulting a dentist.

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