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5 Ways To Combat Mom Guilt When Your Kid Gets Cavities

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image5 Ways To Combat Mom Guilt When Your Kid Gets Cavities

When my son was 10 years old, I took him to the dentist for his bi-annual check-up.

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    Another great trick is to use a sand timer to help kids brush their teeth long enough! A lot of parents have told me that it works well with their kids. Also, a children's fluoride rinse is also helpful to preventing cavities as long the child knows to spit and not swallow which can lead to getting sick.

  • I like these additional tips for getting kids to brush longer.

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    The Cavities is a very big problem in kids.
    They should have time to time get brush .
    and more information about kid problems visit our website. there all information about dental problems .
  • Decide If You're Done Something Wrong.
    Create an Anti-Mommy Guilt Credo.
    Get Some Space From People Who Cause You Guilt.
    Consider the Other Person's Perspective.
    Take a Personal Day and Spend Time With Your Child.
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  • We found the music helps the duration of brushing. We had a sand timer for a while, but moved to letting our son pick a song to brush to. Upside is that most of the songs were 3 min or so, so we got a bit longer of a brush, but the result is 0 cavities since we started this method

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