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Dental SEO tips?

Hi all - I know most dental practices invest in good SEO strategies. I was wondering if anyone has any SEO tips they'd be willing to share? Thanks!


  • I would say building good and useful consumer content would be my top pick followed by a solid social strategy.

    With good content I mean to provide a value to your readers and not just rewrite articles that already exist out there.

    Start off with dental procedures pricing information in your area. That's what most consumers are looking for in regards to the procedure that they need.

    Once you have good dental content, then work on a syndication strategy. DON'T just hope that somehow your content is going to outrank everyone else on SERP.

    I will look for suggestions from others on how to come up with a syndication strategy and what are most practical ways to gain dental related backlinks for SEO.

  • Great ideas!

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