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teeth whitening risk to gums

does opalescence gel bleach gums if over applied?


  • It's always smart to follow the manufacturer's instructions on the amount of time required to whiten. Each bleaching gel has its own strength of bleaching agent and leaving it on too long can irritate the gums and cause increased sensitivity to teeth. :(

  • Any recommendations for a whitener that works with sensitive teeth?

  • I've used Crest whitening strips and the generic Target and CVS brands of teeth whitening strips. If I wore them LESS than the allotted time (10-15 min), used them only 1- 2X a week for a couple of weeks and then took a couple of weeks break before using them again, my teeth wouldn't get sensitive to hot/cold or acidic drinks.

  • Did you find a teeth whitener that worked for your sensitive teeth?

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