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Question about x-rays

Are x-rays necessary? If so, what is the best type of x-ray to get with the least radiation?



  • This year, I’ve been trying to make healthier choices for my family and started
    thinking about all the environmental things we’re exposed to, like x-rays at
    the dentist office. I found a couple of great articles that say you really DON’T
    have to have one every year. They also mentioned that dental x-rays are pretty
    low exposure and dental imaging (which I think is pretty widely used over the actual
    film x-ray these days) means less radiation exposure. I also know that some dentists don't want to start any treatment with out having the x-rays to review, which makes sense because they don't want to miss something because you didn't want x-rays.

  • X-Rays
    Early tooth decay does not tend to show many physical signs. Sometimes the tooth looks healthy.
    The amount of radiation received from a dental x-ray is extremely small. We get more radiation from natural sources, including minerals in the soil, and from our general environment.

    In children, x-rays can be used to show where the adult teeth are and when they will appear. Teeth whitening is a natural problem. They are also used in the same way for adults when the wisdom teeth start to come through.

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