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Too old for braces?

I'm 32 and need braces. Am I too old? Would it be weird if I got them?


  • "I got mine even later! I have always been self conscious
    about my smile, but my folks just didn’t have the money when I was kid to fix
    my teeth. So, now that I AM able to do it, I finally decided to just ask about
    it. I mean, true, I don’t love walking around looking like a teenager, but my
    orthodontist thinks it will only be for about a year, which isn’t that bad. And
    today, the braces are way better than like the major “railroad track”
    ones. But it’s been three months and so
    far so good. Really looking forward to smile with confidence for the first time
    ever. "

  • No - one of my friends got braces at age 30 and another just got lingual braces at 29 to help with her TMJ. It's actually more common than you think!

  • With many different clear aligners (think Invisalign) they are barely noticeable and very common.

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