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All things canker sores.

I have two canker sores that are pretty painful. What are some causes and quick ways to relive the pain?

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  • I get canker sores and did some reading on med sites to see how to avoid and prevent them. Stress is a factor. :s Also brushing my gums too hard can cause canker sores. To relieve pain, I've used OTC Orajel. Avoid acidic foods and gently swish warm salt water in my mouth--to help heal them. Hydrogen peroxide diluted with warm water also helps clean your mouth and helps heal the canker sores. Use this sparingly. Note: they can take a good 7-10 days to heal. If they take longer to heal or keep coming back--especially in the same place, I would visit a dentist to get them checked and make sure it isn't something more serious.

  • I've always put apple cider vinegar on them and it seems to help!

  • Never had one.

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