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All things canker sores.

I have two canker sores that are pretty painful. What are some causes and quick ways to relive the pain?


  • I get canker sores and did some reading on med sites to see how to avoid and prevent them. Stress is a factor. :s Also brushing my gums too hard can cause canker sores. To relieve pain, I've used OTC Orajel. Avoid acidic foods and gently swish warm salt water in my mouth--to help heal them. Hydrogen peroxide diluted with warm water also helps clean your mouth and helps heal the canker sores. Use this sparingly. Note: they can take a good 7-10 days to heal. If they take longer to heal or keep coming back--especially in the same place, I would visit a dentist to get them checked and make sure it isn't something more serious.

  • Canker sores are usually caused by stress but other factors such as hormones, weak immune system, trauma to the mouth, and even food sensitivities can cause them. To relieve the pain over the counter medicines that have benzocaine or hydrogen peroxide rinse can help. If you need something stronger, your dentist can prescribe you something has chlorohexidine or lidocaine.

  • I've always put apple cider vinegar on them and it seems to help!

  • Never had one.

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