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What is a root canal like?

edited June 2018 in Root Canals

My dentist said I have to get a root canal, but I've never had one and I'm scared. Can someone who's had a root canal before describe what they had done? How painful is it?



  • I have had three root canals and one done twice. The dentist should numb you up so that you don't feel anything during the procedure. The first step is that the dentist will drill the tooth and give you a temporary to wear. In my experience, the dentist will also take an impression of the tooth to get the crown made. You'll walk around with the temporary for about a week waiting on the lab to finish making your bespoke crown. It's annoying because it isn't easy to eat while wearing a temporary. Next up is getting the crown itself. This part is the easy part since the dentist removes the temporary and places the permanent crown in its place.

    One thing I suggest is not to wait a long time wearing your temporary. I was between dental insurances and had to wait longer than usual. I think things shifted during the wait and that is why I had to get the crown done a second time. My understanding is that you can now get crowns done in one office visit. I would do that if given the option.

  • After the nerve is removed, the ramainer of the affected tooth becomes a dead piece of bone. It is usually caped off by a synthetic "crown" Crowns used to be made of silver or gold, hence the name "crown" The crown is glued into place with cement, similar to the type used to place tiles in a shower or bath. I've had two root canals, the surgery isn't bad, but the aftercare and pain are tough. Especially because the Oral surgeon will place a temporary crown until a final one is created. The temporary one can fall out if you eat meat, gooey food, gum, candy.

    Good Luck !!!

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