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Should I get a porcelain or metal crown?

What is the difference between a porcelain (white) crown and a metal crown?


  • A porcelain crown is much more aesthetic than a metal crown for obvious reasons and is much more commonly used. Metal is not completely out of the picture now a days because sometimes we do use it to cover 2nd molars especially when a patient clenches a lot. Gold especially wears similarly to natural tooth so its a great material still.

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    If a crown is needed, 90 % of the dentist will advise all porcelain crowns. They are more aesthetic looking , but if you did have a root canal in front tooth and the color of your tooth is severely discolored, Then I would recommend a porcelain fused to gold crown with porcelain margins to block out the 100% the underlying color of your teeth. There are many type of porcelain crowns also, in which each has their own indication. To learn more about which kind of crown to choose, visit my practice on

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