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Oh okay I need a 24/7 dentist ASAP

Oh okay about a month and a half ago wasn't a very good relationship in about a month ago he punched me in my mouth and he broke my bonded tooth on the right and half and then my left tooth loose. Well yesterday I was brushing my teeth and my left tooth fell out and I'm in a lot of pain because I have my nerves that are expose. And also since I am on disability I receive Medicaid


  • Hello,

    We're very sorry to hear of your situation.

    Have you tried searching through our directory for a dentist who works in your area?

    Use this link:

    Type in your location.

    See if perhaps any of those dentists note that they work with emergencies or work with disability or state aid and can help you with your dental issue, Please reach out to them to find out.

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