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Does brushing with activated charcoal hurt your teeth?

 How often can you use activated charcoal for brushing your teeth? Is there a downside? Can it hurt my teeth?


  • "Okay,
    so I saw this thing about how Drake uses charcoal for his teeth, so I was like,
    “Yeah! I want my teeth to look like that!” But then, when I started digging
    around online I found all these nasty videos of people with black foam coming
    out of their mouths. I know there are a lot of celebs and others promoting it.
    And then there were other sites that said it was actually too abrasive (wears
    away the outer part of your tooth). They all kept referencing this site: The Journal of the
    American Dental Association (JADA). So far, nobody seems to be 100% sure that it actually works?
    So the downsides are it could be too abrasive and wear off your enamel and they don't have real studies PROVING that it works.

  • I've read several articles by dentists who say that the charcoal removes your enamel (the protective hard coating on the outside of your teeth) and ultimately damages your teeth.

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