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Dental Implants- Leicester

Tooth loss is never something pleasant, the absence of teeth causes the tipping of adjacent teeth, thereby migrating into space. This can have negative impacts on the occlusion of the patient (the ability to close your mouth comfortably). This can also cause the impaction of food into these spaces. The antagonist teeth on the opposite arch also start to raise out of bone to fill in space when the mouth is at rest.
We have different treatments for missing teeth, such as bridges, and dentures.
Bridges are great treatments, where we prepare neighbor teeth removing healthy enamel, and place crowns on these teeth to support and retain the bridges. Dental Implants Leicester bypasses this technique as we don’t need to prepare any healthy teeth (which means these teeth will have a longer lifespan).
Dentures are also options. Dentures are foreign objects usually made from acrylic resin, which contains the missing teeth. Dentures are removable, occasionally uncomfortable, and not always the most stable in the mouth. In time, dentures also create pressure on the gums of the mouth, which can have a detrimental impact on the level of the jawbone. Dental implants act identically to the roots of teeth, and so take the pressure of biting and chewing in the same manner. This means that the level of bone will not be compromised, there will also be no fiddling about with a removable appliance.

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