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Braces-Top Teeth Only??

Can you get braces on just your top teeth? People don't see your bottom teeth so why do you need them on both your top and bottom teeth?


  • The goal with braces is straightening and aligning your teeth and bite. If the orthodontist puts braces on your top teeth only, your top teeth will be straight, but they won't align (or line up) with your bottom teeth.
    Your bite will be off and it will affect your chewing, your jaw and how your teeth wear over time.

    Of course, there could always be a dental reason an orthodontist would put braces only on the top teeth, but it wouldn't be only because you don't see your bottom teeth.

  • It really depends on the amount of movement needed to align the top teeth. There is a likelihood that the bottom will need to be moved to accommodate the top. The best thing to do is to see an orthodontist or a dentist that provides clear retainers or braces as part of a service.

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