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Bridge or Implants?

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I have a missing tooth and I’m considering getting an implant instead of a bridge. What are the pros and cons of implants?



  • Which treatment option is chosen will depend on many factors including your overall health, the health of the teeth surrounding the missing tooth, and the quality of the bone where the implant will be placed. Pros: teeth surrounding the space do not need to be treated, will never get a cavity, it the closest treatment option we have to natural teeth. Cons (and this depends on your perspective): can be a more costly treatment than a bridge, will take longer to complete - ave. 4-6 months. If the teeth next to the space are healthy and do not need any treatment, often times an implant is a better option. Here is some more information:
    Best of luck. David M. Kaffey, DDS

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    I'm on the editorial team at and just wanted to let you know we have an article about that. There are many things to consider, so check it out!

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    Dental Implants are surgical intervention, you need enough bone for it to be successful ! It takes longer to get your tooth placed with implants.
    If the adjacent teeth next to your missing teeth have large restorations or crowns or decays, then a dental bridge will do you good!

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