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Our community is intended to be a safe and welcoming place for exchanging ideas, conversing, learning and meeting others who share a common interest in dental health. So, before you get started, we ask that you keep a few things in mind, just to keep everyone happy. After all, healthy smiles is what we’re all about:

Please Remember:
* Keep your posts relevant to the forum category.
* When starting a new post, make sure your title is short and easy to understand.
* Add relevant tags to help others find your content more easily.
* Be respectful of others and don’t sweat the small stuff.
* Do not post any personal information or photos that you wouldn’t want to be seen by the public.
* Do not post any hateful, illegal or offensive images or content, nor any copyrighted material without proper attribution.
* SPAM will not be tolerated.
* Please use private messages to chat with moderators or other members in private.

In other words: be polite, enjoy yourself and help us to build a great community. We’re glad you’re here!


  • My daughter is 16 years old with braces and she had two wires on each side of her mouth that's is causing a lot of pain and also causing the inside of her cheek raw. Her regular orthodontist is in Birmingham and I was hoping someone had a quick fix to help my daughter because I hate seeing her in so much pain. Thanks in advance for any advice!

  • I need help I have Athem hmo and carefree dental can’t find a dentist take them on ss income I have my xrays aspen dental wants 7,000.$ I can’t afford it and my ins was going to pay 4,000 no paymt plan turned my loan down for 3,000 I broke 10 need a partial for front

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