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My wife has suffered for over a month with a wisdom tooth. We have asked the Health Dept. for help and they examined and Xrayed the tooth. They referred us to an outside Dentist who we cannot afford, so we are looking for help with this situation. We qualified for 1/2 payment through the Health Dept. but that is only if done there. Is there a qualified Dentist/Oral Surgeon who can work with us and take care of my wife. It hurts to see her hurt. We are 69 and 73 and on Social Security, mine is Disability Social Security. They are telling us the cost of removal of a wisdom tooth is almost $500 in some cases.


  • I need all my teeth pull need to find someone that take my ins

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    Have you tried searching through our directory for a dentist who works in your area?

    Use this link:

    Type in your location.

    See if perhaps any of those dentists note that they work with emergencies or work with disability or state aid and can help you with your dental issue, Please reach out to them to find out.

    Also, contact local dental schools to see if they have programs in which you could participate for free.

    Sometimes there are organizations providing free dental work such as You can visit their website to see a list of upcoming events.

    You can also find a dental office with a financing plan such as Carecredit, , which can help you manage low cost payments.

    If you have any state aid, many dentists will advertise that they work with aid plans.

    Thank you for contacting us!

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