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Top Three Ways Technology is Getting Rid of Dental Discomfort |

edited October 2018 in General Topics

imageTop Three Ways Technology is Getting Rid of Dental Discomfort |

The place where technology is really shining today, is in the dental chair. New equipment and techniques have done much to improve dental accuracy, efficiency and ability. Where these improvements are really making an impact is on patients’ comfort and convenience, especially in these top three areas.

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  • Great article. I didn't know about creating a stint for implants. Everything seemed to go so smoothly with mine when you placed them Doc.

  • Great article! Yes technology in dentistry today is awesome making it more accurate and easier for the patient, doctor, and dental staff.

  • Topics in this article were the tip of the iceberg, I currently see that there are plenty more to develop and some already in trials... Dentistry will be much safer, accurate and definitely tech-accessible for everyone. Great reading.

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