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Dentist recommending clear aligners for preventive care?

My dentist says that they will help improve my overall health by making my teeth easier to clean and reduce my problem with gum inflammation.

Has anyone noticed any health benefits after using aligners?


  • I did the aligner thing three years ago and since then I've had a lot fewer headaches.

  • You need to evaluate the underlying causes of the headache. It’s a trifecta (TMJ, bite, teeth and muscles of face and neck) that have to be evaluated for whether or not harmony exists. If teeth are not in the proper position, they may be causing the muscles of the head to be overworked or strained. Putting teeth in the proper position using aligners could help alleviate headaches if the bite is the cause of tension. If your bite is off, aligners may help. If the headache is caused by something else, a night guard may be needed.

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