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The debate on flossing continues -

edited August 2018 in General Topics
imageThe debate on flossing continues -

Okay, so what can you almost be guaranteed your dentist is going to ask you at each visit, “So, have you been flossing?”

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  • Use a waterpik!

  • I floss. How else am I supposed to get those nasty bits out between my teeth? Not flossing is gross. Just saying.

  • Finally starting to floss more regularly. Glad to hear that the consensus is still to do that because my teeth feel healthier than ever!

  • I have perodontal disease and flossing works. I recently read an article on flossing and realized I was flossing wrong. I started flossing the correct way and my dental hygienist ask me what I was doing differently because my gums weren’t bleeding anymore during my cleaning. She told me to keep up the good work.

  • Flossing absolutely works. Without a doubt SMH.

  • Flossing definitely improved my gum health!

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